Quick-start guide

For the impatient, here’s is a quick view of the location of all inputs and outputs and how to connect them.

Before you start

  1. attach the wifi antenna
  2. do not connect any NMEA 2000/0183/Seatalk signal yet
  3. connect to a stable 12V power source via a 2A fuse

Ideally don't use the 12V power from the NMEA 2000 or Seatalk NG network directly. While it usually works well the 12V network load can become high with many other devices attached.

If you followed the above guidlines the router will start. This will usually take a couple of seconds. Once ready follow the following steps

First steps after the first boot

  1. connect your computer/iPad/tablet to the vYachtWifi wireless access point
  2. open browser and navigate to the router's configuration page at
    you will see the routers configuration. Its a great test to see if everything is set up correctly.
  3. now, disconnect from power again
  4. connect your sensors, instruments or plotter according to the above schema.

Thats it. You should now be able to connect your favorite app to the router using the following default parameter of the router

IP Address

Most apps will ask for this address.

TCP port

Most apps will ask for a TCP port.