This site aims to be an an online documentation for the vyacht router. This page is still under construction. For a complete manual please also read the PDF manual.

So what is this router, exactly?

The vyacht is a simple to use router for boat and internet data. It is not only a NMEA and Seatalk gateway or multiplexer, it is also a wireless access point connecting any iPad, tablet or computer to your boat network and the internet. It literally is a router-it receives, sends and translates any boat data and marine protocol and routes it to other instruments or your computer.

In the end the router is a small computer itself, with many electrical interfaces to support the various marine protocols. The central hardware is often used in fast routers like you also find them at home. Its 320Mhz CPU is powerful enough to stream movies with Gigabytes of data to multiple clients. This means that it is has more power than ever needed to fully support everything you want to do on a boat. But it is also energy efficient to not drain your batteries.

In order to do something useful you will obviously need a screen and maybe a keyboard: that is provided by your iPad/tablet or computer. The router has built-in instruments that can be displayed using any browser. But there are also many applications out there that flawlessly work with the vyacht router:

  • OpenCPN
  • iNavX
  • iRegatta
  • iSailor
  • Navionics SonarChart™ Live
  • NMEAremote
  • ...