Firmware upgrade

Before you upgrade
The upgrade is usually very simple and safe. Just mind the following:
  • Have a stable power supply and ideally disconnect all NMEA/Seatalk devices.
  • Any interruption of the upgrade may result in an unusuable router. While not damaged you will need to have access to a 3V3 UART, use a solder iron and have some Linux knowledge. Well, recovery service will just cost you the shipping.
  • The upgrade may take several minutes.

In order to upgrade please follow these steps

  1. Download the latest version for your router to your laptop/PC and store it locally.
  2. Connect the laptop/PC to your router.
  3. Access the router's configuration page as described in the manual (internet browser, router's IP in the browsers address bar)
  4. Go to the "Update" section of the configuration page.
  5. Hit the "Browse" button and select the downloaded file.
  6. The click the "Upgrade" button.
  7. Confirm the dialog boxes and mind the above guidelines (stable power, patience and watch LEDs)
  8. The upgrade may take several minutes. Just wait for the wifi signal to disappear and be available again.
  9. Or watch LEDs during the upgrade. They must go off and come on again before its safe to use the router again.

Latest version

The most recent version is available for download from the vyacht server. This version is for the router with the external antenna only:

Version 1.3.30 (2017, Oct 20)

Version history

1.3.30 2017, Oct 20
  • NMEA 2000 write support is far less experimental now and much closer to prime time (listening to the bus and converting to NMEA 0183/signalk worked well in a long time).
  • Make vyacht router visble on NMEA 2000 network.
  • Adding full support for converting DPT, RMC, RMB, HDG, HDM, ROT, MTW, MWD, MWV, VHW, VTG, VWR, XTE, GGA, GGL, GSA, GSV sentences to NMEA 2000. (ALL NMEA 0183 sentences were always read and send out via wifi).
  • Configuring the router to listen to an UDP stream could crash the gpsd process. This is fixed now.
  • Added parsing of S (statute miles per hour) to MWV readings.
  • Fixed SignalK wind output where e.g. wind to boat was falsely reported as wind over ground.
  • Adding MWD when translating into NMEA 0183.
  • Fixed wrong true wind speed in translations to NMEA 0183 where wind was m/s but reported as knots.
  • Fixed wrong water temp in translations from Seatalk where it was stored as Celsius instead of Kelvin.